The PCL4 is a hydraulic pilot system for the proportional remote control of directional valves, pumps, motors, etc. It is available with coordinate lever-units, as well as linear units for hand or foot control.

The PCL4 is intended primarily for the remote control of hydraulically operated spool actuators and pump regulators in all kinds of mobile and industrial applications.

All connection ports can be obtained with G1/4, M14x1.5 or 9/16 UNF connection threads. The coordinate valve is available in a version with all connections in the base plate. Up to 6 linear units can be built together in a block.


System Type Hydraulic Pilot Pressure
Control pressure range1-69 Bar (14-1000 PSI)
Control flowMax 4 LPM (1 GPM)
Individual control characteristics for each directionX
Selectable start and final pressuresX
Selectable lever forceX
Curves with straight characteristicsX
Curves with two-step characteristicsX
Curves with forced opening (final step)X
Friction brake for retention in any positionX
Mechanical or electromagnetic end-position detentX
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