H170CF Directional Control Valve

The H170CF is a directional control valve of the monoblock type. The valve blocks can be flanged together to form a valve package for either single or multi-pump operation.


  • Pilot-operated main pressure relief valve: can also be equipped with electric or hydraulic remotecontrolled pump unloading.
  • Several blocks can be flanged together to make bigger units: with different internal connections between the blocks.
  • Parallel or series connection between blocks: enables many application adapted system solutions to be devised.
  • Wide range of spool actuators.
  • High-grade material and great manufacturing precision: give a quality valve with low internal leakage and long service life.
  • Pump flow max 170 I/min (45 US GPM)
  • Work pressure max 250 bar (3600 psi)
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