Gresen HV08

The HV08 is a load sensing, pressure compensated directional control valve intended for use in both load sensing and constant-flow systems.


  • Modular construction: makes the HV08 very flexible, in that it is easy to re-build or expand the valve at any time to meet changing needs.
  • Broad system compatibility: can be used in LS, CFC, CP and CPU systems, thus giving you the freedom to choose the hydraulic system best suited to the machine and application in question.
  • Good control characteristics: give precise control of the machine in both lifting and lowering movements.
  • Can be equipped for both multi-pump and multi-valve systems: increasing further the HV08’s range of applications in different types of hydraulic system.
  • Can be flanged to specially customized functions manifolds: enables the integration of even more functions (even total system solutions) into a compact, single unit that does not required any extra external hoses or pipes, thus making the installation simple, tidy and especially reliable.
  • Wide range of spool actuators for either direct or remote control: enables the valve to be located in the most practical place on the machine. The range includes both hand-operated and remote-controlled spool actuators of different types, thus enabling the best of economy and control characteristics to be obtained. The remote control system can be of the electric, pneumatic or hydraulic type.
  • Individual load-hold check valves in each spool section: effectively prevent undesirable sinking of the load, thus improving operational safety.
  • Individual port relief valves in each service port: enable port-specific limitation of maximum pressure to suit precisely the respective functions being controlled.
  • Quality and precision: quality materials and high manufacturing precision ensure a superior product with low internal leakage and long service life.
  • Simplicity and serviceability: an emphasis on simple design makes the HV08 easy to service.
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