Hydraulic Brake Valves


FDB20_0001 Hydraulic Circuit Valve

High pressure directional valves VD

Hydraulic High Pressure Directional Valves VD

Directional valves   VD2 H20 VD2 H25 VD3 H20 VD3 H25
Function   Locking Electrical / Mechanical Metric - Gas - UNF
Nominal flow L/min [GPM] 130 [34.3] 260 [68.7]  Electrical Metric - Gas - UNF
 Max. pressure  bar [PSI]  450 [6 526]
L1 max. mm [in] 188 [7.40]
L2  mm [in]  130 [5.12] 100 [3.94]
L3 max. mm [in]  84 [3.31]
Weight  kg [lb] 8 [17.5]

Flow Divider FDB 20

Flow Divider FDB-20 Hydraulic Valve


  • Up to 450 bar (6 527 PSI)
  • Up to 150 L/min (39.6 GPM)
  • Direct in-line mounting.
  • Threaded connections to ISO 1179 (BSPP/Gas), ISO 11926 (UNF).


The bidirectionnal flow divider controls the speed between wheels of the same axle or between different axles by dividing or combining the flow.

The flow divider is equipped with an electric or hydraulic controlled by-pass and can be used in open or closed loop circuits.


Hydraulic symbol

HP valve, 3 solenoid valves and electric by-pass


HP valve and hydraulic by-pass


P: High pressure
A and B: Outlet
T: Drain
G1: Preferential charge pressure
G2: Plugged charge pressure
Pil: Hydraulic control
F1, F2 and F3: Solenoid valves


Max. pressure bar(PSI)   450 [6 527]
By-pass mini. piloting pressure bar(PSI)


8 [116]
Max. flow in by-pass mode L/min[GPM]  






150 [39.62]
125 [33.02]
110 [29.05]
100 [26.41]
95 [25.09]
Mass kg[lb] without valves
with HP valve
with HP valve and 3
solenoid valves
8.50 [18.74]
9.00 [19.84]
11.2 [24.70]
Surface treatment      Zinc Chromate
Pressure drop in by-pass mode
Test Conditions :
HV 46 hydraulics fluid at 40°C [104°F]
% of input flow (Qp,c)
Pressure drop in divider mode
Test Conditions :
HV 46 hydraulics fluid at 40°C [104°F]
% of controlled flow on input P (Qp,c)
Division Accuracy
Test Conditions :
P of 150 bar [2 175 PSI]
between otlets.
No transfer restrictor
HV 46 hydraulic fluid
at 40°C [104°F]
Hydraulic Valves
Max. pressure    
Transfer restrictor is located
between the outlets A and B.

* Standard values
** On request, after validation
of your application

Pressure drop in charge check valve
P=5 bar [72.52 PSI] for a flow of 20 L/min (between A or B and G1)
P=up to 30 bar [435 PSI] for a flow of 20 L/min (between A or B and G2)


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